The Riley branded Streetfighter aims to capture a niche powersports market with race-worthy performance integrated with the advantages of leading electrification technology.

MOORESVILLE, NC 07.18.2023

REV Technologies, ( announced it has entered into a definitive agreement with Riley Technologies to provide design, technical development, production, and marketing support for an all-electric performance vehicle, the “Riley Streetfighter.”

The Streetfighter will be available in customizable E-propulsion system and bodywork configurations, including the availability of a 530 HP E Propulsion system wrapped in Carbon Fiber Bodywork with a total vehicle weight under 2000 lbs.

REV President John Silseth stated, “REV Technologies was formed to develop and market electric performance vehicles under the Riley brand. Our mission is to develop race to road electrification performance technology as the increasing role of electric propulsion in the automotive industry undergoes a massive technology disruption.”

Bill Riley, President of Riley Technologies stated “Building race inspired consumer products under the Riley brand umbrella here in Mooresville is exciting. The Streetfighter will be manufactured in our facility with 90 percent of the Streetfighter components being vertically manufactured in house.” Mooresville, NC is known as “Race City” with over 60 race team and related businesses with nearly 30,000 employees.

Riley Technologies ( based in Mooresville, NC. is world renowned for its design engineering, manufacturing, and race team operations. Riley designed, operated, and built cars that have won the 24 Hours of Daytona 20 times in addition to countless other motorsport races throughout the World.


For media inquiries, please contact:
John Silseth
Rev Technologies President